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In 2002, I became a nurse and was able to administer medications, monitor the S&S of hypo/hyperglycemia episodes and monitor hypo/hypertension episodes ETC.

I loved every minute of it. I was making a difference!

Yet still, I wanted more! That still small voice was calling me again. It kept whispering, "go further, go further!"

My parents, Lillian (Miss Tom) O'connor and Rupert (Mass Bee) O'connor, came on vacation to visit. Mama would do some alterations, sew dresses, make curtains and anything to do with sewing. Mama was a dressmaker. She died in 2009. My dad, Rupert (Mass Bee) O'Connor lost his wife of many years.

Mama always enjoyed sewing. The last time Mama left my house AND WENT back to Jamaica, I took the covers off of the sewing machine that she had been using and decided to sew. I took a vest out of my son's closet and made a duplicate of it. I was excited by the results! I then pulled out one of my scrubs top and began to sew. The result was an exact copy of the scrub! When I wore it to work, I received lots of compliments on it! The encouragement of my friends and family motivated me and I began designing uniforms for them. Then my friends and family started encouraging me to go into business of designing scrubs. I continued to sew for my family and friends until one day I realized I had a passion for sewing and designing! To see the creations of the scrubs excited me! I began to seriously think about what my family and friends were saying when they continued to ask, "Why don't you go into business for yourself designing and selling scrubs?"

This is how Veda's Uniform Boutique was birthed. I am living my passion and that is sewing. It is said that if you find your passion and pursue it as a business then that business is guaranteed to be a success because you are living your passion! I am living proof of this!

I think about my journey from Jamaica to the United States and where it has taken me. I can truly say that migrating to the United States was one of the best decisions I have ever made!

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