Prophetess Veda Flowers


                   IF I DID IT, SO CAN YOU!!

A Story of Determination!


Thirty years ago, I migrated from Jamaica West Indies to the United States to seek a better life for my sons. Upon arriving, I realized that I too could have a better life.

I have always had a desire to help others. This desire led me to become a Certified Nursing Assistant. As a CNA, I worked in nursing homes dealing with geriatric residents.

It gave me great pride and a feeling of belonging knowing that my contributions to society has left a lasting impression on the lives of the residents that I touched.

It is most gratifying to me to be able to wish the residents a cheery good morning, to bathe them, groom them, feed them, take them for walks, and so much more.

To see the look of gratitude, gratification, satisfaction and encouragement on the residents faces and their family members encouraged me to want to do more.

There were many challenges but NOTHING could stop me  FROM being an asset to the residents and their family members and NOTHING could prevent me FROM providing quality care.

Although I enjoyed being a CNA, something was ringing in my spirit and in my ears to develop these skills further. I wanted to help in a more significant way. I wanted to make a deeper impression into the lives of people so I put myself through Nursing School.














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